Genre: Speed / Thrash
Country: Italy
Label: Iron Bonehead Productions
Year: 2016

Seven years after the release of their last full length album entitled “Metal Damnation”, the Italian Speed / Thrashers Baphomet’s Blood are back with their fourth record “In Satan We Trust”. Alcohol, Satan, Violence, Metal. I think it’s the four principles that best characterize Baphomet’s Blood album, but between us, also apply to their career so far.

In a general context, you know more or less what to expect from these crazy Italians. A mix of Motorhead, Venom, Exciter and Tank, under a Punk perspective. Dirt, vagrancy, pozer beatdowns and a tank full of beer are everything Baphomet’s Blood stand for.

The album opens with an intro / sample taken from a film directed by Rob Zombie “The Lords of Salem”, which at once gave the release some extra points. Musically Baphomet’s Blood move in already known paths, without major changes in rhythms. They keep it simple and classic. The structures of the pieces are robust, radiating passion. Especially there are moments in tracks like “Underground Demons” and “Infernal Overdrive” that the execution is both straightforward and with a massive emotion that ‘destroy’ you. Fast guitars, clever drums, audible bass, perfectly fitting vocals. We have no innovations or samples of any development. Just uncompromising, filthy rock n roll.

Despite the band’s fathomless excitement, which combined with the scumbag-ness of the tracks you want to punch in the teeth every single moron that has ever crossed ways with you, something is missing. The album misses that track that will rocket the whole album. The tracks lack that quality that will make them withstand through the test of time. Yes, the whole effort is decent and the band knows what’s best for them, however something is missing.

For that matter, even the title “In Satan We Trust”, is a bit cheesy but the guys are forgiven because of the nature of the genre they serve. This sweet and pure “quaint” quality is what has made us the METAL KNIGHTS we are today.

Since I believe that at this point I have made things complex for you, let’s do a checksum. “In Satan We Trust” of Baphomet’s Blood is a great release, with strong dynamics, smart guitars and catchy rhythms. On the other side it’s a record that lacks the dynamite tracks. It has intensity but not hits. It has agility, but no innovations. It has potential, but missed inspiration. Baphomet’s Blood are on the verge.

“In Satan We Trust” released by Iron Bonehead Productions.

Listen to the album here: