Genre: Prog/Ηard Rock/Sludge
Country: USA
Label: Abraxan Hymns
Year: 2019

Τhe first time I came in touch with Baroness’ music, was through a split release they had done with High on Fire and Coliseum. Without being constantly updated with their musical flow over the years, but just checking out what they do every time they release something and having in mind that their latest record “Gol and Grey” has received amazing feedback the past ten days, since its’ release, I sat and gave a special eye on the record. Within an hour of its’ length, I saw why there has been such a fuzz over their name on the foreign media, mostly. It’s not a record consisting of terrific melodies or “discovering America” ones, but it’s so easy listening both for a new listener and a hardcore fan of the hard sound. This I think, happens cause each one of the tracks, pay attention to a different part of the band. Jost’s bass, Baizley’s vocal lines combined with Gleason’s backing vocals, their guitar duet and Thomson’s mighty drums all sound special both apart and as a whole in the album. A special case that combines it all, is “I’d Do Anything”, whose lyrics simply cannot someone’s soul let go. On the negative aspect, the production’s pretty bad. It devours a big part of the result, but since all the musicians are amazing, the whole situation is saved. With “Gold and Grey”, we finally see that Baroness have paved a path for higher standards on their future releases.