Genre: “Midnight” Punk
Country: Greece
Label: Keep It A Secret / Cannonball Records / Now Or Never / World’s Appreciated Kitch / Walk The Line / L.R.S. Records
Year: 2016 digital / 2017 physical

More than a year has already passed since its release, however it’s never too late to talk about a release such as the one at hand. I’m talking about Bat Signal’s “Straight Out Of Midnight”, which until this day is mentioned amidst the local punk rock peeps, so the saying “it won the bet of time” (something each band is hoping / aiming for) is a fact for those bastards. Essentially we are dealing with the bands full length debut, which comes after the release of an ΕΡ (“Dangernights”, 2015) and a demo (“Bat Signal”, 2014). As the band itself explains, what we have on our hands is a piece of Midnight Punk art, with compositions filled with raw energy, power and electricity, serving as the perfect soundtrack of a dangerous Saturday night meeting. Melodies and sonic hooliganism spin around a well sophisticated result. As a whole, the album is easy flowing, as the evolution and the sequence of the tracks are well thought – of. The aforementioned energy emitted by each strike of the strings is probably the most striking feature of this album. The final result is more than satisfying, especially since a great deal of work has been done with the album’s sound. Everything is crystal clear and all the instruments have the space to breathe. “Straight Out Of Midnight” was recorded and mixed in a period of 9 months at the band’s DIY studio and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. The album was first released online in October 2016, followed by a vinyl release in April 2017.