Genre: Black Metal
Country: Norway
Label: Pulverized Records
Year: 2017

Ten years after the release of their latest full-length album “Baptized In Blood and Goatsemen,” Beastcraft returns to active action with ‘The Infernal Gospels of Primitive Devil Worship’, proving that the passage of time works for those who know how to handle it well. Beastcraft leaves no room for anyone and nothing. Playing their uncompromising Black Metal, serving faithfully and devotedly the genre they love, they show their teeth like rabid wolves to the enemies of this musical expression. The album is dominated by the ultimate blackness that has always been featured in Beastcraft’s album, while at the same time it is easy to point the interesting complexity of the compositions. On one hand there’s a number of changes in the rhythms that can make your heart explode and on the other it can make you address the sky invoking your personal dark god. This is something I really like about Black Metal, especially when it’s inspired. I’m not referring to the classic slow parts full of distortions found in classic BM records. I’m referring to that atmosphere building, with a conservative leitmotiv in guitars, this constant and unaltered buzz that harmonizes soul and thoughts in a context of existential search. This was achieved by Beastcraft, with a brighter example being “Beastcraft and Demonomancy”. Perhaps the best part of the album is ‘Waging War On The Heavens’. It emits pure hooliganism and paranoia, and – among us – it contains a riff that sounds like a rip off from Coroner’s “Masked Jackal,” but we don’t give a crap. The album art of this release is one of its best features as well. It’s essentially a collage of depictions of angels, demons, people and mythical animals, with elaborate details and a tension that grows wilder every time you look at it. “The Infernal Gospels Of Primitive Devil Worship” is an excellent release and one of the best records I’ve listened to this year in Black Metal. It should be certainly checked out by the known suspects.