Genre: Doom / Hard Rock
Country: USA
Label: The Church Within Records
Year: 2016

One of the most distinctive releases in the Doom Metal genre came from Beelzefuzz, a band from North East MD (USA). Formed in 2009 and already having their share of releases and tribulations concerning their name (during 2014-2015 they were known as Righteous Bloom and after that they returned to their initial name), the band is back with its second full length release “The Righteous Bloom”, which came out via The Church Within Records. Beelzefuzz is a unique mixture of multiple genres of music. They have managed to incorporate that Uriah Heep / Deep Purple classic rock, with the Black Sabbath dynamics, Pentagram’s doom and Graveyard’s Blues Rock, while at the same time, that 70s psychedelia / progressive and occult rock kick in to knock your socks off. It’s a lot to take in, isn’t it? Well, despite the numerous tags / genres I pinned to Beelzefuzz, one thing is certain. They know what they’re doing and they’re doing it well. In “The Righteous Bloom” we are dealing with unique compositions and solid structures. The musicianship is great and talent and passion are overflowing. Even though the influences of the band are kind of easy to realize, that doesn’t mean a thing, as Beelzefuzz have a strong character and a vivid ‘personality’ that captivate you from the very first minute. One thing I noticed is that “The Righteous Bloom” can serve as a mood swing. What I mean is that I felt my emotional state frequently changing as the album progressed. The album will make you wanna dance, sing, open a bottle of whiskey and reflect on your life so far, make you think of your ex and curse the shit of them right before you change your mind and decide to head out for a wild night out with your homies. I guess this has to do with the theatricality of Dana Ortt’s vocals, which stand out massively and I believe are the most suitable kind of vocals for such a release. All in all “The Righteous Bloom” is a unique record with a retro / vintage essence that will definitely keep you a good company.