Genre: Southern/Groove
Country: Greece
Year: 2018

Music is not a patent championship, nor a perpetual searching for originality. Behind The Smokescreen may have been born miles away from Texas and Zakk Wylde may not be their guitarist/vocalist (many “rock” sites would have posted this even if it wasn’t confirmed, trust me) neither they evangelize they bring out something original. However, BTS from Ioannina (formed in Ioannina in 2013) composed 4 great, pure, aggressive (of course American-bred) Southern/Groove Metal tracks. Their EP “Scars Within” came out this summer and it leans on its fat, massive riffs, good and fresh production by Achilleas Kalatzis (Aenaon, Varathron), carefully done vocals and the influences by Black Label Society (duuh), Pantera, Lamb Of God and Machine Head. Sound tied with strong rhythmic section, easy-to-remember composing – with “Broken Is The Word” having a great chorus -and a little remark-, if the songs were a bit ‘slower’ they would be sound even better. Beautiful melodic parts and tempo changes outline a remarkable job that calls out its quality and makes us stoked for the full album that is required to be stronger.