After flooring fans new and old with the release of “Hidden Window,” the legends of progressive death metal Be’lakor are back with their staggering second single “Foothold,” taken from their long-awaited new album “Coherence,” out October 29th via Napalm Records!

The deep, powerful vocals of George Kosmas unite with a keen sense for captivating, atmospheric and multi-faced compositions. “Foothold” appears as another gem of Progressive Death Metal, proving Be’lakor’s great ambitions to push their boundaries further once more.

Steve Merry (piano/synths) from Be’lakor about “Coherence”:
“We’re excited to share this album after five years of quite intense work on it. It’s pushed us in many ways. Coherence has two of our longest ever songs; it has some really substantial instrumental tracks; it’s heavy and progressive in places, but still full of the melody that drives our work. The album’s lyrics also explore quite different ideas to those of our earlier albums. We look forward to working with Napalm Records on this release and sharing this music with our fans!”