Genre: Brutal Hardcore
Country: Greece
Label: self-released
Year: 2016

Below The Bottom is a brutal / heavy metallic hardcore band that is based in the island of Crete and specifically in Heraklion. They are around for quite a long time, having played some shows both in their city and all around Greece. ‘Justice served’ is their 2nd full length which comes 4 years after their ’Self-defined’ debut and includes 8 songs in their usual style, which is a mixture of heavy / brutal hardcore with beat-down parts and metallic hardcore (even deathcore) touches. If you are into Born From Pain, Hatebreed and the likes, you know what to expect, but if you also like Nasty, No Zodiac and brutal beatdown bands, then you’ll definitely dig this. I think there’s also some old school beatdown stitches reminding me of bands like Bulldoze, Irate, Vietnom, etc. but maybe I’m wrong, dunno… Even though, this style is not exactly my cup of tea, I’m totally impressed by how good Below The Bottom are in what they are doing, delivering passionate yet aggressive hardcore music which has also something to say and it’s not just generic ‘I hate you’, ‘fuck you’, ‘I’ll beat you down and I’ll kill you and then I’ll piss on your grave’ stuff. Below The Bottom have to play more shows both in Greece and abroad (it’s definitely hard because of their geographical location, though); I feel that the scene needs a band like them. Congrats.