Genre: Blackened Death Metal
Country: Austria
Label: Nuclear Blast
Year: 2017

Here’s the eleventh album from the Austrians since they’re completing 25 years of existence. With a new dynamite- like drummer which I had the luck to check out thoroughly at this year’s Hellfest when we were setting up drum sets, he for himself and me for Dodheimsgard. Helmuth has tried to lower his voice even deeper on this record, adding a heavier structure on its whole atmosphere. The songs here have lots of Middle Eastern elements and at time remind of bands like Nile and even maybe Melechesh. This was very noticeable in the beginning, i like it more though the more i am listening to this album. There’s a lot of slow / mid tempo parts here with nice and tight ideas that are followed by the fucking hyper fast explosions that catch you off guard. The album is clearly a Belphegor album obviously with an excellent sound production and performance! The result is modern and polished in such a clever way that an old school raw dirty energy lies inside it. It sounds very mature and Simon on the drums has worked quite a lot on the tracks and made them sound more “complete” in my opinion. To conclude this review and to say the truth i always liked Belphegor but in their previous works i was somehow feeling tired half way through them. Here halfway through, there is “Totenbeschwörer” that sounds like a “filler-prolonging” track that indeed prolongs you on what is about to happen before the rest other half. In Totenritual I didn’t have this feeling of getting tired and the tracks kept me focused on its entity. It’s a mature album that even though doesn’t have something completely different than the previous ones; you just feel that all the materials have been mixed well better during its creation this time. If Ι had to pick up any specific tracks well that would be: ‘Baphomet’, ‘The Devil’s Son’, ‘Swinefever – Regent of Pigs’, Apophis, ‘Totenkult – Exegesis of Deterioration’ and ‘Totenritual’.  Βrutal raw energy with a dose of middle east, plus amazing choruses that get carved in your brain altogether with the lead guitar melodies. As a bonus there are 2 live tracks in the end of the album.