Genre: Experimental, Sludge / Post Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Independent
Year: 2018

A fairly different and pioneering release sprang out from Thessaloniki last September, which will surely attract the attention of the domestic and international audience.
Berehynia, born in Thessaloniki, after several changes in the lineup (essentially created from the ashes of Dagger Of Betrayal) and after spending countless hours in the studio, released their first complete work titled “Nourishing Rites”. The album is a mix of many different kinds, sounds and expressions, justifying the aforementioned opinion that the band can appeal to the interest of many. Berehynia have managed to merge Sludge with Post Metal, weaving a light Black Metal (of the second wave) veil in the background, while simultaneously adding a few metalcore touches here and there. Probably the use of the term “metalcore” may bring distaste to some, however it is perhaps the best way to show that Berehynia is an example of extreme sound, however modern enough to give freshness to their work. A typical example of the aforementioned view is the third song of the album, entitled “Ardent”. One of the main features of the album is the alternation in rhythms and vocal performances, along with the alternations in the genre of musical expression. The good thing about Berehynia is not just that its members are skillful, something that is reflected in the best way in the album, but the fact that they have managed to filter any kind of influence and create something really unique. Not that the reference to any kind of influence from great behemoths of the scene is in any way wrong, however when a (theoretically) fresh band has its personal sound since day one, I think it’s probably its greatest success to date.

The recording, mixing and mastering processes of the album were made by Andreas Assimakopoulos at the Mass Room Studio, except for the drums, which were recorded in Sklerotikzlab by Simos Lazaridis.

“Nourishing Rites” is perhaps the most interesting, if not the most remarkably alternative music proposal coming from Thessaloniki’s extreme scene. Don’t be an ass and reject the band just because it’s local. Support Berehynia anyway you can.