Genre: Atmospheric Death Metal
Country: Greece
Label: –
Year: 2019

Beyond The Existence started as a promising project back in 2012 by frontman Ikaros Poimenidis, while as the time went by and after several lineup changes, they released their debut Silent Mourning in 2016. Their first record led them to various live stages all over Greece and abroad, on the sides of legendary acts such as Testament, Moonspell and Septicflesh. In 2019, they finally managed to release their sophomore son, called “Thoughts Through Imagination”. This record is by far superior than their first effort, in all aspects; more enhanced production and tracks, while the band seems to have made a great progress as the time goes by. Having been present in the release show of the album a few days ago, I came to the conclusion that now, they have found their own identity. The removal of the keyboards is the best choice they’ve done so far, since much more occentuation is given to the powerful combination of guitars, bass and drums. For fans of Dark Tranquility, Paradise Lost and Draconian.