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Genre: Grindcore
Country: Sweden
Label: Everlasting Spew Records
Year: 2019

Birdflesh´s return was like manna falling from the sky for all those about to grind in another year where mediocrity seems to conquer everything. Some may’ve never imagined that this Växjö/Jönköping/Malmö based gang would release someday its fifth studio album but hell yeah, we are here to celebrate this some kind of an achievement. If you take yourselves, way to serious don’t try to follow their lyrics. And yes, “holy guacamole” was the phrase I used to describe their excellent crafted music especially when I read their song title “Guacamolestation of the Tacorpse”. But there’s much more than absurd, in the veins of Anal Cunt or better saying with a peculiar sense of humor, lyrics. Aggressive, catchy, ferocious with warm old school production and mid-paced breaks, weird melodies or something like melodies, screaming, yelling riffs, death metal hooks and an excellent song writing, they manage to fit 24 songs in 27 minutes as only Nasum would have done. “Extreme Graveyard Tornado” is full of rage, blasts, offbeat thrashing grind, with song titles such as “Grind Band”, “Milkshake is Nice”, “Botox Buttocks” and “Bite the Mullet” that can betray the sick or just goofy sense of humor that its composers have. Ten years after their last studio album effort is a long long time to wait, and the grind veterans probably won’t do the same mistake of having such a long break. Nevertheless, the album was worth to wait and we just can’t stop push play and enjoying it.