Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Brasil
Label: Classic Metal Records
Year: 2017

Ah, the New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal. It’s a neverending source of this pure, oldschool lust for a rebellious rock ‘n roll life that all those legendary heavy metal bands used to lead back in the days, with a slight modern approach. Don’t get me wrong, I love the oldschool, obviously. I’m in my twenties, it’s quite natural to love the newer wave a little more. Anyways, it was 2015 when a gang from Sao Paolo, Brazil sharing their passion for heavy metal decided to create a group called Biter.

Biter is a pure heavy metal band. Their themes are based on daily, rockstar-like life, alcohol, along with some horror (probably drawn from classic horror movies). Their debut EP “The Eyes of The Biter” is a 22 minute long triumph. The song titles are a quaint, yet manage to capture the entire vibe of the disc. Meanwhile, the influences are distinguishable; from Tokyo Blade to Skull Fist and from Grim Reaper to Katana. “Midnight City” and “Wild n’ Free” are fairly the best, while remarkable enough is also the six-minute long outro “Eyes Of The Biter”.

I would like to stick a little bit to the cover artwork. If it doesn’t remind you of something, let me help you: Nightmare – High Speed Venom. There’s nothing wrong about drawing an inspiration from a certain band (who doesn’t?), however a rip-off is unacceptable to me. The music is awesome, though. Nothing special, yet nothing to pass by.