Genre: Hardcore
Country: Sweden
Label: Self Release
Year: 2013

The Scandinavian Hardcore scene not only exists but it has is well hidden gems like Dead Reprise, Bolt, Fit My Crime, 45Stainless, Lose The Life, Bitter Taste Of Life and many more. This time we focus on Bitter Taste of Life which are one of the leading Hardcore bands not just in Scandinavia but in a global scale. They were formed in 2008 and since then they released the album Trapped In Lies (World vs Cometh), a split with the Fins 45Stainless (World vs Cometh) in 2012 and finally another album in 2013 entitled No Justice. You could just leave the record playing for hours and you would realize that how a pure Hardcore record should be. The combination of fast, slow but at the same time heavy riffs, combined with the full groove drums and bass lines release tons of violent & passionate feelings. The amazing vocals alternation by Rickard and Olle plus the backing vocals would certainly catch your ear as well. Moreover, the BOLT’s frontman participates in the track No Regrets. I would definitely recommend this album and it already makes us eager for the next one full-length album!