Genre: Speed/Thrash
Country: Sweden
Label: Gates of Hell Records
Year: 2018

A couple of months ago (to be honest on January) our editor in chief screamed that he found another speed metal gem. He was so fuckin’ happy that I thought it was just another ‘explosion’ of his temperament… But when I heard it on our column Voices From The Underground I knew this album was really awesome indeed. So you can understand how happy I was this time when I grabbed it from his desk (chief editor’s) in order to review it! Swedish thrashers Black Cyclone’s debut full-length-album “Death Is King” is an unstoppable, speed metal assault filled with N.W.O.B.H.M.-styled solos, with a mixture of clean (that bring me in mind Bobby from Overkill)  and Agent Steel-like high-pitched vocals and lyrical themes ranging from Lovecraft myths and anti-religion to anarchy and anti-establishment. Speaking of Overkill ‘Death Is King’ sounds like ‘Taking Over’ on steroids… or something! There are many U.S. thrash elements in the veins of Slayer, early Anthrax, early Megadeth, Municipal Waste and early Testament besides Overkill and some parts that remind me of teutonic thrash. Black Cyclone originally formed in 2009 and this is their debut album. Having released only two demos before in 2012 and 2013 respectively, the band was joined by Trial frontman Linus Johansson in 2016. Probably this addition changed their direction and now here we are talking about one of the nicest debuts of the year and why not the coolest full-throttle speed metal attack of 2018.