Genre: Hard Rock/Rock ‘N’ Roll
Country: Greece
Label: –
Year: 2017

There’s not much introduction needed here. Black Hat Bones is a powerful heavy rock band from Athens but originally from Sparta, whoever is updates on this specific genre scene has definitely caught them on stage, and has definitely been satisfied. Two years after the explosion of “High Gain Devil Rockers”, “Born in a Thunder” is here to tell us a couple of things… From the introductive song “Thunderborn” we realise that the band finally did what they had to do long before. They poured the inexhaustible energy they have on stage, in the studio. Definitely a much more mature job done here than the self titled EP or “High Gain..”, without losing the needed amount of rock n’ roll a band like that should have. Personal favorites were “Strip Club” as well as “I am the Sun”, slow and easy with the right fix of stoner vibes, at a time when something is not stoner, is not easily heard in Greece (clears throat). The entire job is done correctly. You rent a van to go on tour at the American provinces with a bunch of friends and many beers for company. The entire album could easily become an intro soundtrack to one of those movies with the stereotypical teenage group is looking for adventure. Great amount of rock n’ roll, a “must” for 90’s heavy rock and grunge lovers. Fresh and “summerly”. Bring it on and go to the beach, it’s worth it.