Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Greece
Label: –
Year: 2021

When Black Soul Horde first appeared in metal scene, they stand out with their renewable traditional Heavy Metal. Although their second full length release came out 7 years after the first one, this time their new effort is coming thankfully, out just one year after their previous release. It seems that during quarantine, the group had more time to compose new songs. While you listen to “Horrors from the Void”, you can easily recognize the characteristic sound of Black Soul Horde. And at the same time that this is their best work so far. All the tracks are equally exceptional. “Malediction of the Dead” shows the disposal of the group to experiment in the composition without being differentiated so much from their own sound. Guitar and riffs are in the spotlight. The classic heavy sound is combined well with epic moments and Power Metal melodies. The most impressive fact is that while they are more close to the traditional Heavy Metal sound, at the same time their sound has a dark and mysterious atmosphere. That’s what I enjoy so much in this group. Their music suits absolutely with the lyrics relevant to Lovecraft and mythology. Although in “Horrors from the Void” you will discover individual musical elements, you will appreciate more, the general sense of satisfaction in the overall hearing of the album. Good compositions, epic moments, dynamic melodies and great atmosphere are some of the things that you can discover in “Horros fron the Void”.