Genre: Hard Rock
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Nuclear Blast
Year: 2019

Black Star Riders belong in the “supergroup” category, fairly. All of their members have been involved in the past with monstrous bands, such as Thin Lizzy (who started the fire, since most of their original members wanted to keep writing, but not under the Lizzy signature, as a sign of respect to Phil Lynott’s face), Ratt, Black Label Society and Stone Sour. “Another State of Grace” is their fourth full length and will definitely get under the spotlight. When it’s Friday night and you’re getting ready to hit the streets, you are definitely looking for a soundtrack, just to make you feel like a rockstar. Well, you found it. Easy-listening, easily digestive with memorable melodies who definitely need more attention, to be honest. The tracks go from hard rocking anthems such as “Tonight the Moonlight Let me Down”, “Soldier in the Ghetto” to ballads, like “Why do you love your guns”, which looks like it was written 30 years ago. I don’t know how much attention this record will gain this year, I only know that it’s a pity to remain obscure for the rock ‘n’ rollers. If this was out in 1987-88, it would already belong among the most honored releases of the genre. Press “play”, open up a beer and let’s head downtown, it’s Friday, for fuck’s sake!