Genre: Heavy/Power Metal
Country: Russia
Label: No Remorse Records
Year: 2021

Blacksword is a band from Russia, with quite a few peculiarities. We find their first traces in 2005, when they were called Stormbringer and played Death / Thrash Metal. Only single Demo and just one EP were released under this name and they soon changed their name to Blacksword. Their debut “The Sword Accurst” was released in 2010 and was a sample of well-played Heavy / Power Metal. Unfortunately, the band was put on ice and it took them 11 years to reach this year’s “Alive Again”. The title may not be accidental, as I think it propably describes the band’s current situation.  Today’s Blacksword, have a strong Greek color and in fact in 2 ways. First of all, they trusted Michalis Livas with the vocals. Also, their new record label is the Athenian No Remorse Records. Do not be fooled by the highly epic album cover. Here we are dealing mainly with Heavy / Power, in which any epic elements are quite filtered. At some points, however, they may remind you of Brocas Helm. Of course, we have Michalis’ voice more intertwined with the most typical Power Metal, but when you have the vocal abilities, it is good not to be limited to certain molds. After so many years of record absence, Blacksword had to present something very remarkable; and they did. They had all the time in their hands to pay attention to the compositions and go one step further in relation to their debut, which they surpass in all fields. They show a more mature face, better production and greater structures and executive ability. What they need to pay attention to from now on, is to present a consistency with their future discography.