Genre: Heavy Metal/Power/Speed/Running Wild metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Stormspell Records
Year: 2021

As the new sixth album by Blazon Stone comes so close to the also new 17th album “Blood on Blood” by Running Wild unfortunately all our thoughts is about the comparison of these two LPs plus our imagination rallies on how would the new RW would sound if Rock ‘n Rolf took Captain Ced’s help…

After all there is not much to say musically speaking. “Damnation” is a pure RW tribute as if we melt the best elements of Pile of Skulls with brave doses of Black Hand Inn and some hints of later works like The Rivalry and Victory.

Blazon Stone has a new line-up as only guitarist Emil Westin Skogh is on Cederick Forsberg’s side since the last album and 3 new members are recruited to the band’s crew. Crystal Viper’s front woman Marta is on bass and backing vocals, Karl Löfgren behind the drum kit and new singer Martians Palm.  Blazon Stone although they suffer from singer changes still their 4th singer in 6 albums (Erik Nordkvist, Georgy Peichev and Erik Forsberg the previous ones) is once again a Rock ‘n Rolf clone so not so many things have change in vocal lines.  The song writing is amazing and as I consider myself a true Running Wild aficionado and damn I would like these compositions been worked by/with Mr. Kasparek.

Would they have been much better? Before answer to this question please think this: does this get any better? As “Damnation” features ten brilliant fast songs with huge gang vocals, memorable choruses, excellent solos and catchy riffs in a frenetic crescendo of Running Wild homage.

The lack of originality may annoy some but most of the pirates out there don’t care about it (as Blazon Stone are honest enough to admit it and never tried to hide it) and focus on how entertaining all 6 Blazon Stone studio full length albums are. And believe me “Damnation” is one of their finest moments. Give it a try and you will get a great album! Highlights: “Endless Fire Of Hate”, “Raiders Of Jolly Roger”, “Highland Outlaw”, “Chainless Spirit” and “Hell on Earth”!!!