N.W.O.B.H.M., Blitzkrieg,2015,Reviews,Jaguar Records,U.K.

Genre: N.W.O.B.H.M./Heavy Metal
Label: Jaguar Records
Country: UK
Year: 2015

Another  great but underrated N.W.O.B.H.M. band is Blitzkrieg, which as we all know was one of Metallica’s influences, in the beginning of their career. Metallica made a cover of the band’s classic titletrack, which was on that record, and they turned it into an all-time classic for both of the bands. As it was expected, the majority of listeners preferred Metallica’s version, cause they gave a good kick in the ass to it.

This year, Blitzkrieg will celebrate their 35th anniversary of their creation and the 30th since «A Time Of Changes» was released. Although, the celebration will take place without reissuing it, but with a re-recording of the original album, with the current line-up, namely : Brian Ross (voice), Alan Ross & Ken Johnson (guitars), Bill Barter (bass) and Matt Graham (drums). Last year, Flotsam and Jetsam did exactly the same with « No Place For Disgrace».

The reason why they did so, was mainly because of several fan demands. According to Ross, the copies of the original album are now property of collectors and they are not for sale. But even if they were, their price would be anything but affordable, unless you become lucky. So, as it seems, the fairest solution would be to release the original album in a remastered version, along with the re-recorded version, in order to keep everyone pleased. As a result, we will have an upgraded full edition of the album and at the same time we’ll avoid paying exorbitant amounts to cheaters.

The choice of the band to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the debut album this way, seems quite fair, as with the current leader everything is allowed. Furthermore, there are almost no changes in comparison with the original album. The way of playing and the sound is almost the same as thirty years ago, so there is nothing reprehensible in this section. Alongside, it would be unfair not to mention the well designed new cover, by Ivan Chacon. The only difference with the old one, is that this time the mascot Mario, the bird of Armageddon, took the form of flying centipedes. The name was given in order to honor the most loyal fan of  Blitzkrieg, named Mario Corbello.

In this album, we can find some of NWOBHM anthems, such as «Blitzkrieg», «Hell to pray», «Armageddon» and «Vikings». We can also hear «Take A Look Around», which was listed in the reissued edition and not in the original album, as well as two bonus tracks : «Τοο Wild To Tame» and «Jealous Love».

In conclusion, this is an absolutely filling release, for the elders to remember and for the young ones to learn.