Genre: Death Metal
Country: USA
Label: Dark Descent Records
Year: 2016

Hailing from Denver, Colorado, since 2011, the sensation called Blood Incantation has finally released its first full length album entitled “Starspawn”. The album was released via Dark Descent Records on August 18th 2016 and since then, hordes of Death Metal enthusiasts keep discussing about it and sharing it on a daily basis on social media.

“Starspawn” consists of 5 tracks, including an instrumental track (“Meticulous Soul Devourment”), with a total runtime of 35 minutes. What we’re dealing with is a powerful record of concrete structures and intense atmosphere. It’s an album embellished with vigorous riffs succeeding one another, mounted by energetic and strenuous drumming. It’s evident that Blood Incantation have put a lot of effort in this release, as attention to every detail is the main feature of “Starspawn”. The way the different musical passages follow one another are conscientious, thus building a stifling, strangulating atmosphere. A whole hearted dedication to the genre the band’s serving is emerging from every note every single second. There’s a total absorption to Blood Incantation’s goal: to produce and deliver the best way they can an uncompromising, staggering, astounding Death Metal record, which succeeds in uniting Old School Death Metal / Classic Death Metal forms, with Doom D.M., Tech D.M., Melodeath and Ambience. Even though at times the compositions are highly complex, I noticed that the band tries to balance it with some standard classic riffs, just to keep things ‘understandable’, if I may. “Starspawn” is as dark and as violent as it should be.

Blood Incantation delivered a record that met with our expectations, making us anticipate their next release with passion. The good thing with “Starspawn” is that its character is solid. The band, as has us used to, avoided falling into the trap of “let’s write something to fit the mainstream flow of Death Metal”, thus their material is unique. It’s worth your time.

Everything was analogically recorded at Denver’s World Famous Studio, where also the mixing and mastering process took place, as well.

Blood Incantation’s debut will please fans of Gorguts, Demilich, Morbid Angel, Dead Congregation, Chthe’ilist etc.

“Starspawn” has been released in various formats, such as:
• jewel case version, with a full coloured booklet, containing lyrics
• 12” vinyl version, that’s currently sold out, as far as I know
• Cassette version, pro-printed, pro-dubbed, full coloured 6-panel J-card