Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Norway
Label: Soulseller Records
Year: 2018

So you’ve never heard Blood Tsunami before? Lucky you! Imagine Evil Army with a bit of old Slayer (music) and more recent Slayer in vocals, lesser punk influences and you’re pretty close. But they just can’t seem to make it through mediocrity while they have the potential: The attitude, the pulse, the gloom are some of the main ingredients for a good thrash album. But all these don’t count when you yawn during the first song, start clipping your footnails during the second song and when you think the torture has ended, a criminally accused cover of the mighty Steel meets Steel from Onslaught ends the album along with your life. So what you’re gonna do with this album? You can hang the cd on the balcony to avoid the flying rodents entering your apartment? Throw it away with all of your strength? To be or not to be? These are some questions that just came into my head…Many questions for you and Blood Tsunami (nice name for a sanitary napkin advertisement) will not answer. While I was writing this review, I listened to the album for another time and they achieved something unique: They sound even more disturbing this time! Mediocrity? It would be something but unfortunately they can only see it with binoculars. If you listen to the album 3 times in a row you might end up in jail, cause it’s certain you will commit a crime. This summer spend your money on a regular Frisbee. It will sound better than Grave Condition and you will enjoy it more.