Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Year: 2017

Obviously, all of you waiting for a live record in 2017 equal to Deep Purple’s Live in Japan, which was recorded in 1973, will be disappointed by Lady in Gold Live in Paris. Not that it lacks diversity in the execution of the tracks compared to the studio versions, or the jamming that almost stretches them too much. But it seems like the psychedelic moments needed more space -and time- to breathe and generally, the rock n roll attitude sounds harmless and castrated in our days. Blues Pills of course have the momentum and the album recorded last year in Le Trianon at Paris in front of 1200 fans is the assurance needed for the boost of egoism and inspiration for even bigger things from this band. Celebrating atmosphere since the tour that had them in Paris was for the promotion of the successful Lady in Gold. Picture lovers will like the DVD version even more, for starters because of the excellent directing by Julie Rohart and because of the intimidating presence of the frontwoman Elin Larsson. In an earthlike performance, she doesn’t hide behind overdubs and leaves mistakes to be heard in the CD, and that makes the result easier to be reached as well as entertaining and funny. The rest of the members fill the mosaic puzzle with a professional work, contributing to something that hasn’t shown its full impact yet. As they say, the best is yet to come…