Genre: Crossover/Thrash/Hardcore
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Century Media Records
Year: 2020

It’s more than common for many (and thankfully not the most) metal heads to find difficult to understand that a crossover band is closer to their real problems than a mediocre swords-dungeons and dragons traditional metal band. It’s not something racist or anything about being black, but they are not feeling comfortable with a rapper behind the mic. Even when the riffs are straight outta hell or coming from south of heaven. So after 30 years still Ice-T does what the does without giving a shit. So even if he is too metal for rappers and too gangsta for metal audience, this can’t stop him from creating another gem of the genre and the rest and probably the majority of both worlds to enjoy his work. Police brutality, social consciousness, class war, gang violence, systemic racism are all issues that Ice -T’s lyrics are dealing with. The songs are angry while Tracy Morrow delivers some of his best performances here, definitely the best since their come back in 2016.  Surprisingly there are two covers somewhere in the middle of the album where Motorhead’s classic “Ace of Spades” and Ice-T’s 1988’s hit single “Colors” from his back then rap album are weird choices (plus the closer cover “6 in the Mornin’”), but they work great and probably are the bridge that connects the old Ice-T with his modern era. “Carnivore” is full of pounding thrash riffs and hardcore beatdowns. Actually the riffs are pretty solid and sharp while the tempo is always up making you wanna bang your head in every second of the album. Not his strongest release, but a definitely worth buying. Highlights the special guests Jamey Jasta, Amy Lee (but not the song that she participates) and Riley Gale of Power Trip and the songs “The Hate is Real”, “Bum Rush” and the title track “Carnivore”.