Genre: Rap Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Rock of Angels Records
Year: 2021

The Greek scene is at its best not only from the high quality releases. Nowadays, you can hear releases from all the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal genres. Rap Metal is a misunderstood branch in Greece and many fans are hostile to this genre without listening any related record. I am personally happy that a very good Rap Metal band came out from Greece. This band is Boom Dox. Boom Dox formed in 2017 and they are releasing this yeat, their debut album “Dead Nation”. Let’s see what “Dead Nation” is about, because “Rap Metal” is a very general definition. There are many influences from NY Hardcore/Crossover, a very familiar scene to metal fans. Many groove songs, in Pantera and Rage Against the Machine style. Also, many Public Enemy influences, something expected for all the groups who decide to play Rap Metal. It’s also very suitable the participation of Vincent Price from Body Count in the song “Guns Blazing”. The lyrics are very interesting and they are about socio-political issues. The rhythms are uplifting, the vocals are aggressive and the atmosphere is revolutionary. Nonetheless, you will also hear a plethora of guitar solos and bass playing except groovy parts. The production highlights the volume of the compositions and in general is a very good release at all sections. Rap/Metal fans must check “Dead Nation”. For the rest of the fans, is a good opportunity to reconsider their point of view about Rap Metal.