Genre: Hard Rock
Country: England
Label: Explorer1 Music /Parlophone
Year: 2020

Let’s pretend this is an album that had nothing to do with Steve Harris. Would you have the slightest questioning of how it might sound? Not giving a fuck about projects that artists, that are members of larger than life bands, doesn’t make you a less fanatic of the (same) band. You haven’t heard a note from Geezer Butler’s Ohmwork or Plastic Planet, you don’t remember when Tipton released his solo albums, you weren’t interest to hear Lemmy playing wearing a golden tuxedo his favorite’s rockabilly songs. So even though these all and many more other situations are different at the same time are the same old stories.  Still those who want to check this album will certainly find some parts that are quite interesting. Harris’ characteristic bass sound is here, yet too safe for my standards as an option, and certainly you can hear several impressive ideas. The songs are well written the voice is sympathetic although the production is rather too clean and too clear for me and for the melodic hard rock that isn’t flirting with AOR, still the albums lacks of a couple of hits to lift the average and mediocre compositions  that sound almost repetitive. I wouldn’t swear that I would put the cd back on my stereo sometime in the near future and it’s ok that Harris will be touring to promote the album, but don’t forget that he was on the road for Virtual XI too, so it just says that Harris is always dedicated in what he creates, it doesn’t make the album better than what it actually is…