Genre: Doom / Death Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Independent
Year: 2019

“Last to Mourn” is the self-released debut album by the American band Burial Fog, a first attempt into a fusion of doom and death metal, almost touching drone at times with their funereal pace. While other doom / death metal bands (Swallow The Sun, Novembers Doom etc.) employ rich musicality in their records, Burial Fog aim towards the simplest and as ugly as possible structures, while trying to be as plain and as heavy as possible at all times. This method has been tried before and most successfully by the crushing act Primitive Man, even though this group here doesn’t reach the immense strength of the aforementioned band.

The album features a relatively rough production, most likely an effort by Burial Fog themselves, which does bite off the potential effectiveness of the music but can’t be classified as a failing aspect at any point. The main weakness of the album stems from the compositions themselves, which more often that needed, are way too simplified even for their own purpose, creating a feeling that you have heard the whole record after only a couple of tracks. All of them are really slow, based on a couple of riffs only (or even less at times), backed up by monotonous deep growls, which indicate that this was the intended result by Burial Fog and not a lack of inspiration.

However, “Last to Mourn” finishes as a bit underwhelming, exactly because of the level of the musicianship, which should have had the compositions stretched out a little, instead of suffocating them around a simplistic filthy riff. While this kind of sludgy doom / death metal seems easy to replicate, it actually requires a certain level of talent to avoid repetitiveness or boredom, which sadly isn’t the case with “Last to Mourn”, a record with an honest purpose but inferior technical delivery. I appreciate the probability that it is a completely DIY album and the band should probably receive positive feedback from a part of the fanbase of these genres, but I personally wouldn’t prefer it over better albums of its kind, whenever I’m in the mood for drowning music.