Genre: 70’s Doom Rock
Country: Sweden
Label: I Hate Records
Year: 2014

¨BOKEN OM FORBANNELSEN¨ collects the four 7” singles the band recorded during 2011-2013. BURNING SAVIOURS are playing 70s doom rock with a touch of heavy blues. They care nothing for being innovative or a pioneer in the search of a musical breakthrough. And while you’re listening to the album, you constantly get the feeling that it’s something they do with complete consciousness. They approach their music from the listeners’/music fans’ -that want to pay homage to the bands they listen to, themselves- point of view, instead of the musicians’/artists’, that want to express their (musical) concerns and take this genre a step further ahead.

Their main point of reference, as you can easily guess, is no other than BLACK SABBATH from the Ozzy years. Also it’s more than obvious that they are really into the sounds of early PENTAGRAM and (the also Swedish) WITCHCRAFT. Sometimes (not a lot) they even reminded me of (yet another Swedish band) MAMMOTH VOLUME.

The production of the album is completely retro sounding and in perfect harmony with the spirit of the songs, which as compositions are above average but not anything special. The fact that the opening and closing tracks of the album are in their mother language doesn’t bug me at all, but at the same time it’s not a substantive plus.

We’re dealing with a release with equal pros and cons every way you look at it. I believe that the average fan of the bands mentioned above will have a good time listening to this album, but once it’s over he/she will just not feel the urge to listen to it again.