Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Switzerland
Label: Nuclear Blast
Year: 2020

About a decade ago, if someone put a gun in our heads and made us think of an all-female heavy metal band, we would all say Girlschool without further due. But for the last 3 years or so, a talented cinquette from Switzerland has been having us pumped; and its’ name is Burning Witches. In their third album, “Dance With the Devil”, having never been absent from the season’s news (it’s Nuclear Blast, after all), they deliver a result that shows us that their heavy metal can never be repeatable. With a new voice in the reigning, named Laura Guldemond, they open the sack of Aeolus for a new era. Their heavy metal, faithful to the old-fashioned stereotypes, always dressed in the old, timeless aesthetics it deserves. The album is a patchwork of heavy metal creations, alternating at times with speed metal rhythms to the Raven archetype, fulled in riffs bringing in mind Warlock and Judas Priest from the very early days of the 80s. Burning Witches can easily compete with anyone, experienced or not anymore, since their name alone has received a great deal of feedback, if not just positive reviews. “Dance With the Devil” is a welcomed effort, better than any of their predecessors, while paves the way for even more and better material from the ladies from Switzerland in the future.