Genre: Groove / Melodic Death
Country: U.K.
Label: Nuclear Blast
Years: 2015

Generally the reunions are not of my taste, especially when something that has been dead for many years now, suddenly appears again in front of me. To be honest if I wasn’t supposed to write a review about this record, I wouldn’t have considered listening to it and Carcass would remain in their deep grave. Or at least these are my own feelings about a band that I have worshiped in the past.

However, since I got myself tangled in the listening process and resurrected Carcass in me, I would say that as a first hearing ‘Surgical Steel’ isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It’s not ‘Reek of Putrefaction’, nor ‘Symphonies of Sickness’, but, honestly, who gives a fuck? Do any of you care if a record released would be similar to those masterpieces? Something like that shouldn’t see the light of day, because it’ll destroy every single thing made in the past. It is very close to ‘Heartwork’, has a dose of ‘Necroticism’ but the production sounds like hearing Arch Enemy (which is bad this course). It worked for them; it’s not a piece of crap at least. That’s what I get.

Eleven songs adapted to the modern 2013 sound with the vocals we all know and that classic Carcass riffing we’ve grown accustomed to. Despite the fact that the record wasn’t critically acclaimed, it is Carcass in the end of the day and that’s something that cannot be changed.

The record was released by Nuclear Blast on cd, vinyl, cassette (we laugh) and also in various limited tricks that their only purpose is to tire our pockets. In short, the album is good, suitable for those who want to listen to something modern with a touch of “death” from the old Carcass era; worth of investing. I would personally listen to the record again; I won’t put it on the shelf with the spiders, at least not yet…. Well, it was made by Walker and Steer after all, who carry their own great story!

In 2014 the EP ‘Surgical Remission / Surplus Steel’ was released, containing unreleased bonus tracks and other tricks, which was tiring. read the review written by Lilliana Tseka here. In 2015 these two were released together in one version. I didn’t get bored here. I actually died of boredom.