Genre: Death Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Self-released/independent (
Year: 2014

Pure old school death metal is what this band coming from Greece has to offer us. In an ever changing scenery of the extreme genre travelling to new paths, Carnal Redemption’s first full length album show simply enough how old school Death sounds now days. With no hidden references to Suffocation and Deicide influences the trio from Athens, mixing all the necessary elements to create a death metal blast album. Stand up and cleverly “manipulated” riffs that from the first note someone realize paying homage to the American school, badass traditional death growls, plus a steady and clear enough drumming that keeps everything in “chaotic” order. Add to the previous the “inner self” themed lyrics and you have a result that if anything, shows that the band worked carefully methodical, and with respect to the birth of their first full length album.

Considering that this is a self released album, someone can only congratulate these three for creating, producing and releasing an above the average death metal album that you can easily listen to it multiple times through the day and still want more. At the end of the day that is what you want from a death metal release, something to arouse your dark feelings, make your head bang and be easy to comprehend. Carnal done it, let’s hope they bring it to further lengths. I for sure have greater expectations from them now on.