Genre: Death Metal
Country: Belgium
Label: Final Gate Records
Year: 2015

Carnation is a band from Belgium, formed in 2013 and is about to release its first EP via Final Gate Records on January / February 2015 on both CD and LP format. This very first EP of the band is utterly satisfying. The artwork, the logo, the band’s photos, their sound. Everything reminds us the golden era of 1990 – 1993 of European death metal scene. Influenced by Swedish and American bands, their music is based on safe classic patterns laid by previous great bands, but it’s so well – played, that nothing negative strikes you about it. Morbid melodies, demonic vocals, powerful recording, with dark, violent and occult lyric themes. Most importantly, the tracks are excellent with talented riffs, a combination which will make Bolt Thrower start working on a new material. I’ looking forward to their next move, as they have great potential for good releases in the future. Till then, I’ll keep listening to this EP frantically.