Genre: Doom / Stoner
Country: Italy
Label: Van Records
Year: 2017

Founded by Dorian Bones in 2011 after the disbanding of his previous band The Wraiths Orchestra, Italian Doomsters Caronte have created and established quite a strong fanbase and stand out loudly, amidst the lot of bands that have sprung in recent years as the genre has been gaining popularity. In September, Caronte released their third full length album via Van Records, justifying their fans’ trust in them. “Yoni” consists of 7 tracks, mainly characterized by a diversity in sounds and arrangements, while its strongest feature are the vocals which expand in a wide range. While listening to “Yoni”, one can easily distinguish those exploratory shamanic touches that make you feel like a part of a ritual or a member of an occult congregation. The atmosphere built is intense and quite emotional, able to trigger both dark and ecstatic feelings to the listener. “Yoni” becomes intimate as time flows, with the theatricality of the vocal performances getting more intense lyric by lyric. The tracks are full of power and raw energy, with a certain primitiveness exploding at moments. Thankfully, each track has its own signature. What do I mean with that. The genre the band has chosen to serve is based upon repetitive rhythms and patterns, which Caronte have successfully avoided. Even though the alternations in rhythms are not so often and Caronte in general don’t try to reinvent Doom, they’ve got a strong personality radiating from their crushingly heavy and loud guitars. Comparing “Yoni” to Caronte’s previous releases, it’s evident that the band has matured and made a few steps forward, evolving on a personal and team level. As usual, the lyrical themes of “Yoni” explore Esotericism and Occultism based on the works of Aleister Crowley. Fans of Saint Vitus and Electric Wizard will surely find something to hold on to here.
Highlight: “Promethian Cult”