Genre: Hardcore / Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Straight From The Heart
Year: 2015

For quite some time now, an amazing record has fallen into my arms. A record that the more I listen to it, the more it has to offer me. I’m talking about Cartilage, a five-piece band from Athens, that despite the fact that they recently started to make their first steps in the music industry (since the lineup of the band was completed in December 2014), they’ve managed to infinitely arouse the interest of the crowd and to perform live along with great bands of the genre.

Cartilage as a matter of fact, is a quite a strange case; and not because you’ll find something annoying or a turn-off. It’s that this hybrid the band has chosen to play combines so many different elements that makes you really hesitant as to find that One genre the band could fit into.

What Cartilage present in their first EP entitled “30%”, is a patchwork of old hardcore sounds, tangled with new age metal elements, melodic parts, (kinda) thrash outbursts here and there and a groovy feeling, that messes up with your brain. And I’ve already seen / heard serious shit, man. All that mojo is found in just 4 pieces.

A characteristic feature of the band’s playing (at least for me) is volume. Heavy tunings on guitars, with clever riffs that, even though they’ve chosen to walk on many different paths, the final result justifies the band’s effort, since what we hear is elaborately crafted and well thought of. More depth in the compositions and an enhancement of the overall volume is offered by the bass guitar, hugging with delicacy the structure of the tracks, completing their forms. The drumming wouldn’t be considered extremely innovative, yet it’s highly satisfactory and blends perfectly with the other instruments. Icing on the cake are the insane vocals, ranging from creepy whispers or melodic recitations to extremely loud screams and growls. There are also some moments, when you least expect it, when you think that the band’s vocalist’s spirit is being abducted. The vocals are so intense and charged, giving you the impression that he’ll breathe his final breath. Obviously, the good production has majorly assisted in this acoustic satisfaction, with a clean and deliberate sound that highlights the quality of each instrument and harmonizes the lot of them with the vocals, with no overlaps.

To keep it brief, “30%” of Cartilage is an excellent example of work, in terms of music, lyrics, atmosphere, everything. Additionally, for the argument’s sake, we’re dealing with an EP here. Not a full length release. My imagination runs wild about what will follow. Awesome work as a whole. The Greek scene has diamonds. Support them, or they’ll get lost.

4.5 / 6

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