Cattle Decapitation,Reviews,Metal Invader,Deathgrind,2015,Metal Blade Records

Genre: Deathgrind
Country: USA
Company: Metal Blade Records
Year: 2015

Darker, more aggressive, yet more experimental than ever, Cattle Decapitation return three years after the successful Monolith of Inhumanity, with another gem. This is about The Anthropocene Extinction, which I believe will be rewarded by any lover of the genre and the wider extreme scene.

Starting to listen to the album, older compositions crossed my mind, but then this thought was shot down pretty quickly. The disc consists of twelve tracks, which gives me the impression that they are complementary one to another as if they are part of a large puzzle. Travis’s vocals were always storming. But this time I think he surpassed himself. With many experimentations, mainly in the high-pitched vocals, gives another tune in the whole album making it even more brutal than earlier compositions. The drums surround incredibly the rest of the instrumentsproviding enough energy to literally bring a mayhem! Amazing and technical are the guitar compositions, leading the listener to even darker paths. Τhe one that I considered as topthough, is the bass, which really left me speechless with many of its baselines.

In conclusion, the Anthropocene Extinction, is I believe the best album of Cattle Decapitation and this is based on the fact that this is probably their most comprehensive work. Many unpredictable changes and many new ideas, are two of the most powerful features of the disc. But the icing on the cake, is the fact that this timeeveryone has given something more, pushing themselves to create this amazing album.