Genre: Heavy/Epic/Power Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Echoes Of Crom Records
Year: 2021

A re-recording of a classic album, yes “…And Rome Shall Fall” is a classic one and that’s how we must treat it, is a difficult issue to handle. Not for me, but most fanatics don’t like their idols or their favorite bands to do it. Well as you already understood this is not a new album and the almost twenty years of silence that only broke for the 2014’s “Sword and Sorcery Heavy Metal” EP will continue for Cauldron Born. As for the ones that argue for this release; they have their reasons and I can see why they almost hate generally speaking re- recordings not only this one, but after all guys you can just ignore it. Personally speaking I feel like “Legacy of Atlantean Kings” could have been a bonus cd or vinyl on a “…And Rome Shall Fall” -deluxe- re-issue, but if Howie Bentley wanted to do it, and believes that it can’t stand alone, we couldn’t say no to his will. Truth be told the new recording is close to the original in terms of compromising the raw energy, passion and the atmosphere of the era that it was written but also it manages to sound -quiet- different from the first press. The guitars are heavier and more thick and bring in mind the duo Sherman/Denner jamming in Cirith Ungol anthems, as the already ten years comrade of Bentley, Alex Parra adds volume to guitars while the songs are in a different list, the drum sound that was a bit flaw is fixed and above all, the new singer Matthew Knight moves the final result from the first recording as he brings in mind Iron Maiden in a more epic hint and soaring touch (by using excellent falsetto and vibrato) than the original album that was closer to Helstar’s sound. This is why we have a new artwork cover, an excellent work by Bebeto Daroz and a different album title. If you are a fan of the genre, then you definitely are a loyal soldier to Cauldron Born legion, so you probably already bought the album and you don’t need your favorite magazine to tell you what to do…just in case you wonder for our opinion all fans of US Power Metal shouldn’t have to think twice about getting this killer album…buy it now!!! Favorite tracks: “By This Axe I Rule”, “Bloodbath in the Arena” and “Dragon Throne”.