Genre: Blackened Death Metal
Country: USA
Label: Nuclear War Now! Productions
Release Date: May/ October 2021

If we had to compare paranoia with a record issued within 2021, this should be Caveman Cult’s second album. Well, this is no other from “Blood And Extinction”, that was released by Nuclear War Now! Productions. The truth is that expectations were already high since their debut “Savage War Is Destiny” back in 2016. Fortunately, they did not disappoint us. Within 9 songs (lasting 22 minutes in total), Florida cavemen bring chaos and violence, with explosive riffs on the guitars, maniac drumming, and sharp- cutting like a razor- vocals. Anarchic kind of playing, with the overall outcome here and there appearing to be random and disorganized. However, this noisy fuss, after having played the record twice, wins you over. The atmosphere created resembles to a battlefield or riots in the center of the city and the fall of the cursed government that rules us. As the guys followed an independent method of production and recording, they have perfectly transmitted in their tracks everything violent that was originally conceived as an idea. Recommended without a second thought to all extreme lovers out there.