Genre: Post-punk
Country: Greece
Label: Self-released
Year: 2017

Chain Cult is a 3-piece band that came out of the Athenian underground and they’re definitely the band we all needed. The stand-out quality of the extreme DIY scene in Greece doesn’t need further ado and it’s especially fortunate when its members dare to take on different experiments. Counting members from Conspiracy of Denial, Dirty Wombs and Junkheart among others, it was nothing but certain that they would maintain the punk fire we all love. This time, denial towards any contemporary compromise, towards any view of compliance and submission for which they sing about didn’t transform to edgy distortion and rabid screaming, but gave in to the sweet reverb and urban despair. If I hadn’t made my notes, I could easily classify them as a member of the now established post-punk revival scene of Portland between Arctic Flowers, The Enstranged, Red Dons etc. Also, one can easily spot the veterans Wipers somewhere in the almost 17 minutes of the demo’s duration. In a few words, we’re dealing with a release of beautiful aesthetics, decent sound, right homage, cemented songwriting and honest emotional channeling. It’s coming as a cassette tape by the beginning of the New Year.