Genre: Thrash/Speed
Country: Canada
Label: Hells Headbangers Records
Year: 2019

Every now and then, Canadians has the right to give us a punch for forgetting how many great bands their land has given birth to and for mention their country just for mocking, that even the embarrassing stupid “How I Met Your Mother” TV Show tried to attempt it. And you have guessed very well Chainbreaker is a great reason to remember why Canada isn’t only maple syrup, hockey pucks, and cuddly polar bears. Chainbreaker is a trio that takes us back to mythical era of early-mid 80’s, where dangerous and electric music was born. Where Motorhead, Venom, Sacrifice, Piledriver, Slaughter, Celtic Frost, early Bathory, Razor, Hallow’s Eve played straight forward music with hairy balls and sweating (broken) necks. Something that could easily come to your mind considering the fact that is a band featuring current and former members of Cauldron, Toxic Holocaust, and Rammer. Chainbreaker was formed in 2013, in Al Chambers’ garage with Al taking care of vocal duties and drums, Ian Chains on guitar and Craig Rose on bass. A short time after their formation a solid lineup was set up (Rob Ouellette on vocals, Curtis Faux on bass) and a demo tape was recorded in early 2014 (entitled ‘Constant Graving’). In 2015 three songs were recorded for the Enslave Your Masters 7” single (that has yet to be released, but has since been made available online). In the spring of 2017, the debut full-length “Lethal Desire” was recorded at Lincoln County Social Club (Cauldron’s main recording haunt) in Toronto, and was mixed and mastered by Toxic Holocaust frontman Joel Grind. It’s also the first Chainbreaker recording to feature new bassist Phil Zeller (Rammer/Toxic Holocaust) and will be the first release for the band on Hells Headbangers Records. Raw, violent and a totally hell raiser, ‘Lethal Desire’ is one of the best albums of the year to spend your time.