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Greek thrashers Chainsaw are going to release their second full length, entitled ‘Filthy Blasphemy’. The release is set in the next few months by Diabolic Might Records 666 on vinyl, Vulkan Records on cd and Unholy Forces productions on cassette.

chainsaw cover

Recordings, mixing and mastering by Panagiotis Misdeal at Clepsydra Studio. Cover artwork by Michael Hutter. Guest vocals on ‘Judas Double Trader’ by Ronnie Ripper. Backing vocals by Antonis Vailas, Nir Beer, Nick Tragakis, Haris Tremos and Mitsos.

2.Down In Vitriol
3.The Slasher
4.Iron Casket
5.Filthy Blasphemy
6.Storm Of Vomit
7.Judas Double Trader
8.Hooves At Your Door
9.Under The Hammer Of Gore
10.Demolition Team (Gehennah cover)

Listen to the Gehennah cover ‘Demolition Team’ below: