Genre: Black Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Daemon Worship Productions
Year: 2015

I confess that I did not know anything about this band and trying to find informations, I noticed that they exist since 2005 and have released a demo and 3 split EPs. “Helig, Helig, Helig” is their first full EP, containing five tracks with total time less than 20 minutes. Here we are dealing with a band that indicate a commitment to the ’90s black metal and delivers its material in a very simple manner without dares to highlight a character. In all tracks I listen to riffs that remind me of something, the vocals are quite meretricious and rough, while in the entire production, drums stand out in the mix, in an annoying degree for me. The faith of Chalice of Blood to the roots of black metal is respected, but when you expose your music, you have to present at least an original concept that characterizes you as a band; otherwise you can keep a cover band that delivers excellent covers. Sweden has presented unique black metal bands, and will surely bring more in the future. But surely Chalice of Blood will not establish, if they continue to work in this way and with these music production rates.