The Circle Music proudly announces the signing of the Greek dark/ambient pioneers Chaostar, which is the personal sound sanctuary of Septic Flesh’s guitarist Chris Antoniou. Since 2000 Chaostar have released 5 albums so far. A new album will be appeared in 2022. Meanwhile, The Circle Music will rerelease the first 3 albums (“Chaostar”, “Threnody”, “The Scarlet Queen”) for first time on vinyl, starting with the self titled debut album, which will be released on 14th of September 2020 in strictly limited edition of 500 copies (Gatefold LP) with new cover, new mastering, bonus track & songs revised.

Side A

  1. Project “CENDOR CYAN”
  2. Stormthoughts
  3. No Gravity
  4. The Field Of Ante Cun

Side B

  1. The Accident In Ambere
  2. Time Was Running Out
  3. The First Meeting
  4. Finale
  5. Haetta (Bonus track)