Genre: Heavy / Epic / Speed Metal
Country: Finland
Label: Gates Of Hell Records
Year: 2019

No more waiting, a full length at last… Not that their EPs – and the split – didn’t keep us wired, but at the end of the day a debut seals the presence on the map, doesn’t it?

I don’t think that Chevalier from Finland would care about positions and maps though, since they show us that the only thing they care about is to bring forth this foggy, chaotic, pitch black dark and epic-polemic mixture of Heavy and Speed steel which they champion from their first day of existence. In a nutshell, they follow the same steady course that they have carved offering us only pure epics.

“So, what am I about to listen to?” I can hear you ask. You will listen to psychotic riffs that either hammer you, or just pound their way galloping. You will listen to sudden change and breaks that equal with insanity itself. You will listen to vocals straight from a cavernous mosaic of apocryphal mysticism with the delivery of someone who has nothing to lose. Yes, Emma Grönqvist has one hell of a voice.

A chaotic story telling that describes the final blow to the undead, which of course left us decimated. This is Chevalier’s music.

“But they sound unconventional and kind of weird” I hear you mumble before I put on my headphones and press play again.

I support Chevalier ‘till the sun no longer shines. Heretics gazing straight into chaos, writing mystical foggy epics for the darkness of each battle. Can you take it?