Genre:Power/Doom Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label:Lost Realm Records
Year: 2022

Child Saint was personally speaking for many years a cult band that I haven’t heard a single note in my life but I knew them as a name as the same title song it was thrilled to be written by Dave Mustaine of Megadeth and Metallica fame…I never learned the whole truth about it and I left the story as an urban legend (while from the book “Rust in Peace: The Inside Story of the Megadeth Masterpiece” though in Dave words we can hear Dave’s side if the story: “That was written even before Panic. I played the song at one of those parties, and the band at the party almost learned it. A number of years later, riding down the freeway with David Ellefson and listening to KLOS on the radio, I heard the song come back at me through the years by the same band that learned of from me all those years before. They even called their band “Child Saint”, which was my original title for their song. To their credit, they dropped the song after I complained.”), but later I discovered their music and became a fan since then immediately. Besides my personal story whoever has this mania of collecting vinyl has Child Saint’s 1988 EP either in his wanna have list or already in his collection as one of the brightest jewels on his/her…its rarity is well known but it wouldn’t mean anything or cost a dime if the material wasn’t top notch. But it isn’t either the only worth exploring material that these guys from Orange County California have recorded. This collection comes to fill the holes to all of our discotheques and update them with a high quality release. This is the first time it is printed on cd and features some excellent studio tracks (mostly unreleased) and several extremely top quality live recordings and footage of a brilliant live performance of the band in 1988 in Los Angeles. As Lost Realm has always offering us an extensive biography will also be included, along with lyrics and photos. A deluxe double vinyl edition is available, with many extras that make this release totally unmissable!

Child Saint was formed in 1984 by the two lead guitarists John Specter and Brian Scott. Kevin DuBrow from QUIET RIOT even gives them important advice on how to build up the US metal formation professionally for their intended musical career. Together with Brian Scott’s childhood friend Rick Rayl as manager, they immediately rent a studio and place ads to find fellow musicians.

First they meet Steve Hardin, whose bass playing reminds them of IRON MAIDEN. One day Gary Schultze stands in front of her rehearsal room with a monstrous drum kit and inspires her right away. In the end they discover Rudy Gray for the long vacant position on the microphone and then try their hand at their own compositions and cover versions of, for example, ‘Victim Of Changes’, ‘2 Minutes To Midnight’ or ‘Free Wheel Burning’.

When Steve Hardin’s father is allowed to fly Jimmy Page’s private plane during THE FIRM’s North American tour and he tells him about CHILD SAINT, he really wants to hear their music, but CHILD SAINT still haven’t produced any recordings. With money borrowed from a local mafiosis, they finally go to Michael Mikulka’s “Gopher Baroque Studios” in Garden Grove and record the first songs ‘Child Saint’, ‘To Die In The Sun’ and ‘Maid Of Metal’.

However, the last songs with Rudy Gray also remain, as the singer leaves the group for ENTICER after the first show. Their next singer is John Russel for just a few weeks before Bob McCormack completes the classic CHILD SAINT lineup. For many years, until 1989, he remained loyal to the band. Nevertheless, one day they have to search again and find Tim Winchester, with whom they play what is probably the best live show of their career. They open for RACER X, HERETIC, SAXON, SAVATAGE, KEEL and Jimmy Crespo (AEROSMITH). It wasn’t until 1991 that all members of CHILD SAINT finally parted ways.

The collection is definitely rich and covers all of their career. The first cd features all their studio recordings that have the characteristic to be separated in their 3 recording eras with a different singer in every each one of them. While the singers were coming and leaving still the rest of the lineup remained the same. Steve Hardin on bass, Gary Schultze on drums, Brian Scott on guitars and John Spectre on guitars. The first period with Rudy Grey behind the microphone (“Maid of Metal”, “To Die in the Sun”). Those songs were was recorded back in 1985, at Headway studio, along with the instrumental “The Voyage”.

Then we can hear singer Bob McCormack’s two EP classics –“Child Saint” and “I am Future”-, that were recorded back on 1988 at Headway studio and were printed in only 500 copies and a fire destroyed at once the 300 first, so the remaining 200 are now extreme rare to find, along with “The Horsemen” track which was recorded at PASHA studio in Hollywood in 1988.

The last five songs featuring Tim Winchester that returned back in action and recorded some vocals especially for this reissue just a few months ago (2021). He actually finished 3 songs that originally had no vocals: “Wrath of Man” (a track that was also recorded at PASHA studio, back in 1988 -same session as the “Horsemen” track), in which lead guitar parts are played by guest Steven Stetzel-. The other two songs are  “Blood for Gold” and “Persecution” and were originally recorded back in 1989. Winchester also sings “Lose to Win” and “That was Then” tracks that came from the very same 1989 session but he finished them back in 1990 when he entered the band.

The second CD of the reissue features the stuff that was included on the infamous “Live In Los Angeles” CD-R that the band released back on 2006. Actually we are dealing with a full concert that was recorded at The Waters Club, San Pedro, California, May 21st 1988. The show features the classic Child Saint line up plus Bob McCormack on vocals.

Well if this isn’t call obscure then I really don’t know the meaning of the word! One of the most underrated US Power/Heavy Metal you will ever hear is features in this release. Dark, epic, gloomy and sometimes doom and catchy as hell is some of the words often used to describe their music. You can hear many elements from Mercyful Fate, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest while the vocals, the song structure, the guitars and overall the production sounds very 80’s and typical of US Power and as I read somewhere very Metal Blade Records like of that time (when record labels had character), still excellently executed as the final result 

“Maid of Metal”, “Child Saint”, “I am Future”, “To Die in the Sun” -my personal favourite-, “Blood for Gold”, “Wrath of Man” and “Lose to Win” are totally awesome hymns and can’t be ignored by any true defender of the faith…