Children Of Technology, Thrash, Speed, Punk, Italy, Hells Headbangers Records,

Genre: Heavy Metal/ Speed/ Thrash Metal
Country: Italy
Label: Hells Headbangers Records
Year: 2020

To make a long story short, Children of Technology suggest another full length in their classic motive (something between ancient Venom, Motorhead, Voivod of their first two albums era, Carnivore from their debut era and Bathory from 1984), always moving in post apocalytic thematology. This is an album that fits like a glove with the pandemic years we are living across the whole world. They chose a bulk aesthetic, but with decent and solid production, stories from Mad Max’s most sick dreams and metallic primitivism. Nice ideas, with even better instrumentation and perfromance from COT’s members and songs that can accompany the fans of the sound in relative “disgrace”. In my opinion, there is no song in Written Destiny that goes beyond their “hit” Future Decay, but in no case should the album go unnoticed. Listen to it.