Genre: Progr. Death/Black
Country: Italy
Label: –
Year: 2014


Chiral is a one-man bandand it is coming from Piacenza of Italy. The progressive death/black metal is its main genre, but both releases follow doom and atmospheric paths, too.

First of all, the band made up at the end of 2013 and officially formed in at the beginning of 2014. Chiral’s previous work is a demo, which is called “Winter Eternal” (February 2014). He combines the old school swedish death metal elements with black metal sounds. On June 21st, he released “Abisso”, his first official album, andit consists of four tracks with total time of 22:17 minutes. This one is more a black metal release than progressive black or doom metal work. Influences from groups such as Dissection, Sacramentum, Opeth and Ulver are quite clear.

Basically, Chiral tries to represent a raw black metal journey through pain, death and solitude. Chiral decided to make a concept album that tells the story of man facing his cancer, struggling with his thoughts and his desire of giving up and kill himself.As far as the music is concerned, despite the first song, which follows doom paths, generally, he plays black metal riffs with a lot of chaotic sound in guitars and there are some rotating sessions between black blastbeats and on-beats, off-beats and cymbals on drums. Besides, the sound of the clean parts of this EP, are deeply influenced from the equivalent parts of Opeth. The whole atmosphere is filling with some progressive, dreamy and melodic stuff, such as piano and the combination of clean guitars with small solos of electric and acoustic ones. Also, quite noticeable are two things: 1) the limited usage of synths and 2) the intense bass-playing parts in some sessions. Especially, the third song, “Atto II: Abisso”, which is far away from the others, consists of the most of the above characteristics. Last but not least, except for black metal vocals, there are some brutalin first two songs.

Finally, taking into consideration the fact that all credits of this recording go to Chiral (production, artwork, music etc), everyone can say that it’s a quite good work and he released a black metal production with a lot of promises for the future.