So is anyone wondering what Christopher Amott has been up to since he left Arch Enemy in 2012? He said he wanted to concentrate on his other project Armageddon, but it has been quiet ever since. Until two days ago a video popped up on YouTube. Armageddon presents us a lyric video for the song “Captivity & Devourment” and it is awesome for many reasons.

Let me provide a little bit more background on Michael Amott’s 8 years younger brother. Christopher started playing guitar inspired by his older brother who played in the legendary Carcass at that time. Later they founded Arch Enemy with which they had global success. He left the band in 2005 to return in 2007, and leaving it again in 2012. Since then he moved to the United States as his new base of operations. Since the inception of Arch Enemy Christopher Amott was also busy with his side project Armegeddon. He released a very good melodic death album Crossing The Rubicon in 1997. However, the successor Embrace The Mystery (2000) showed a sudden change to a more power metal sound. On Armageddon’s last effort Three (2002) Christopher was even handling the vocals himself. While these two latest albums contain musically brilliant riffs, I never got into the power metal-oriented vocals. On his two solo albums, Follow Your Heart (2010) and Impulses (2012), Amott experiments even further away from metal, but still demonstrates he is a much underrated guitar player.

Why am I so enthusiastic about “Captivity & Devourment” then? Because it is one hell of return to his melodic death metal roots! The current line-up of Armageddon features the unknown Matt Hallquist on vocals and features Amott’s fast riffing and captivating solos of old. What a great one in the end of this song. In the video description the band adds:

The new album CAPTIVITY & DEVOURMENT consists of 10 awe-inspiring and ingeniously crafted songs, full of devastating riffs, soaring guitar leads and fist pumping choruses. Heavy, melodic, technical, and groovy: this is creative metal songwriting with one foot in deep in the classics and and one eye gazing towards the distant future.

So we have been treated with the title track of Armageddon’s first album in 12 years planned to be released later in 2014. I’m certainly looking forward to this!