Genre: Rock’ n Roll
Country: Norway
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Year: 2018

No man hates presents. Not to generalize, I can’t think of someone as grumpy as Dickens’ hero, who doesn’t like it when they gave or were given a present at some point in their lives. It doesn’t matter how expensive or precious it was. The act alone filled us with joy. Personally, I think a pack of cigars is a great gift for a man, even though I’m an anti-smoker, since I consider that it’s not that bad once in a while to give my unexperienced throat a sore pain that comes with the buzz and the aromas of a cigar. More often though, I am given books as gifts, and even more than that are the records. Either a CD or a vinyl it is a value for money choice that hardly isn’t accepted by the present receiver. Unless you have a friend who owns a store and brings you the stock leftovers every year. In 2001, Demolition was the new album by Judas Priest so it was not out ofstinginess… But how come I own the whole discography by Chrome Division, when I am not a fan of DimmuBorgir (so I don’t care about Shagrath’s activities other than Dimmu), and I haven’t ever bough an album of the supergroup? “Because of the friend with the record store”, that was mentioned a while ago. And now, towards the swan song of Chrome Division I present you their fifth album. Fully poser -in the good sense-, with a rock n roll aesthetic, speed, attitude, full of clichés, full of solos, most of them unnecessary but played well along the climate of the Norwegians, who leave the stage in triumph with “One Last Ride”, which combines greatly Motorhead and some catchy passages of Turbonegro and Hellacopters, offering a great last memory for their fans. They have never been bad but again they are pretty entertaining, but no further than that. I think they have a good time with this project, they fill their wallets and their time productively. They will be missed by a few. I know what I’m not going to take for a present in Christmas 2019. But I damn do for this year once again…