Genre: Sludge Metal/Noise Rock/Post-Hardcore
Country: Greece
Label: –
Year: 2015

“Chronoboros” are a trio hailing from Athens and below you’ll get the chance to read my opinion regarding their debut EP “Dialing Up The Cutter”.

And here I am now asking… Is there a better way to start your album than a bit of ritualistic feedback? The answer is no and “Chronoboros” seem to get the drift. It all starts with “Gut Tracker” and the aforementioned few seconds of warm noise and in just a little more than its one and a half minute duration one can see clearly their honest intentions to make a tribute to the “Unsane”-like noise rock school with hints of math rock, all driving through sludgy guitars and a hardcore punk attitude. On the EP’s second track “Raise These Wolves (Like They Were Mine)” things get heavier and “Keelhaul”’s influences rise up to the surface and in a similar mood we move to “Harpoon”. Subsequently songwriting turns near to “(the) Melvins”s paranoid noise rock flirt of the 90’s with “Bison Unit” and in this particular song the vocal lines and delivery steal the show. Somewhere around here we reach towards the end of the record with “Clean Cop” and its punk speed and heavy sludge finishing leaves behind a taste that will make you want more of where that came from.

Production-wise the record’s depth and lo-fi approach seem to fit very well with their music, but I’d like the guitar tone a little less fuzzy and wider in their heavier parts.

In conclusion this is a very strong and unique start for such complex and difficult to approach musical waters. But for us to get more of what they’re saying and for them to place their mark in all those hard to combine mixture of genres I think it’s necessary to have a listen to a more complete full-length work.